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Here's a few things you can send to customers to help them get to know us!

When we meet with Decision Makers, we close that business 84% of the time! Bringing this tech to your customers is a huge service!

6 Problems Popmenu can solve for your customers

Skip the complicated steps or waiting for the "web guy" to update your online menus. Popmenu lets you do it in minutes.

1. Your online menu is a PDF or static text.

2. You're paying for a bunch of different technology and marketing tools that don't talk to each other.

3. You're not capturing and benefitting from guest email addresses.

4. Your online menu is not up-to-date and you're not able to feature specialty menus.

5. The online ordering experience through the restaurant's website is hard or doesn't exist!

6. Still paying third-party delivery fees (e.g., Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc.)

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Our Partnership

Everything you need to know in one quick bite!

Popmenu supports single-unit restaurants as well as multi-unit and multi-concept restaurants.
A few things to look for:

Website and menu cues

  • The restaurant's online menu is a PDF link or basic text.
  • The restaurant's website is out of date, is a poor experience for guests or has a clunky mobile experience
  • You’re visiting a restaurant and see price adjustments hand-written on paper menus

Online ordering cues

  • Restaurants are not using online ordering because third-party fees are too expensive
  • The restaurant is using a third-party online ordering system (vs having online ordering directly on their site)
  • The restaurant owner is too overwhelmed to start the process/manage online orders

Marketing cues

  • The restaurant wants to start sending emails/text messages/offers to guests
  • The restaurant is not capturing data from customers and/or is not communicating with them
  • The client is paying for a bunch of different marketing tools for:
    • Email marketing
    • Text message marketing
    • Online offers and discounts

Operational efficiency cues

  • The restaurant is using multiple technologies (separate website for OO, reservations, website, etc.) This might look like a combination of the following:
    • Website hosting: WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, BentoBox, Spothopper, etc.
    • Email marketing: Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Emma, etc.
    • Social media management: Hootsuite, Sprout Social
    • Online ordering: ChowNow, Third-Party Platforms
  • The owner expresses frustration with rising costs and the inability to adapt quickly

More Guests

Popmenu will get your restaurant's customers found, on average, 34% more often. For an average restaurant that means 15,000 incremental, free website visitors a year. If they have more guests, they will need more product.

More Conversion – More Menu Placements

Because of our menu technology, more browsers will turn into paying customers, online and in the restaurant.

When your customers move to Popmenu, we’ll alert you automatically so you can meet with that customer during the menu planning process. Restaurants will feature your brands in a more compelling way. That means more menu placements and more pull-throughs for Empire products.

A Bigger Seat at the Table

It’s a relationship business and Empire wants you to be consultative with your customers. Popmenu is going to solve a series of business problems and save many of your customer's thousands of dollars. That success will translate to Empire being seen as a business partner who has earned a larger share of the business.

*Please let us know if a Spanish or Standard Chinese speaker is required.*

This is an internal link. Do not share with your clients.

Your referral is a critical first step (and must be done through the referral form!) Once you make a referral, communication between your client and your Partner Account Executive begins.

If you're having issues with the referral link, reach out to a member of our partnership team!

​We will notify you on the status of your referral every step of the way

  • when your referral has signed an agreement and begins onboarding
  • and when their new site is live
  • if you're referral decides not to move forward

Step 1: Your referral is a critical first step (and must be done through the referral form!) Once you make a referral, the Popmenu AE will schedule a time with the restaurant for a formal demo of the Popmenu product. In other words, we'll take it from here!

What your customer can expect from a demo:

  • Your client will be connected to your agency's designated Partner Account Executive. They will call and/or email the restaurant to schedule a time to demo the Popmenu product.
  • Your Partner Account Executive will perform a needs analysis and demo
    *You or members of your staff can join*
  • Partner Account Executive draws up the agreement
  • Client signs!

Step 2: Once your client signs on as a Popmenu client, they'll start the onboarding process with the Client Onboarding Team.

The onboarding process (approx 4-6 weeks on average) is most efficient when clients are active partners; that means they are engaged with their Client Onboarding Consultant. We are here to make them successful—but we can't do it alone!

Potential areas for onboarding holdup:

  • We can’t get assets from the restaurant​
  • They don’t have time!​ We set the expectation at the beginning that their time is needed.
  • They don’t realize the lift for Online Ordering. Lost transactional revenue!​ We let them know they need a tablet, compatible printer, and payment processor (Stripe, Square, Toast)
  • They are unresponsive!​​ Your support here will have a big impact.

Step 3: Ready, set, LAUNCH! Once your client's Popmenu site launches, they are introduced to their Client Success Manager—their partner for maximizing success with Popmenu.

Success team's ongoing support:

  • Regularly-scheduled informational webinars (view schedule)
  • Email check-ins with easy-to-schedule calendly link​s
  • Frequent but shorter meeting availability​
  • Referrals to on-demand support for urgent questions​

Ongoing Live Client Support at 1-844-Popmenu(767-6378)

​ET: 6am - 3am
​CT: 5am - 2am
​PT: 3am - midnight

Weekends & Holidays
ET: 6am - 6pm
CT: 5am - 5pm
PT: 3am - 11pm

Live Chat at is available during Support hours.

Email: at [email protected] for technical or software questions.

Virtual & In-person Events

From insightful talks on the latest industry trends to networking, our in-person and virtual events showcase the very best Popmenu opportunities all year long.

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